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Kawashima’s Philosophy


Recycling strengthens the future.

It was 1964 – the year of the Tokyo Olympics.
Kawashima was founded in the midst of a Japanese economic boom.
At this time, the word “recycling” was unknown in Japan.

Now, some 60 years later, our world has become one of abundance and convenience, and is overflowing with material goods.
However, this bounty comes with a cost—the expenditure of large amounts of natural resources, which creates waste and enormous amounts of scrap.

The earth has limited resources.

Even before most people began to take recycling seriously, Kawashima was already involved in metal recycling.
Then, as environmental problems began to get worse, recycling became recognized as an essential concern for the world’s future.

Protecting the earth’s environment, and linking this to a prosperous future;
With an aim to realizing a future for society in which recycling is more convenient but also taken more seriously, Kawashima, is continuously taking up new challenges.