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About this site

Thank you for using the Kawashima Group (hereafter “the Group”) website. We would like you to consider the following guidelines when using our Group website.

Recommended browsing environment for this website is as follows:

▪Windows Vista、Windows 7、Windows 8、Windows 10、Mac OS X 10.4 or later
▪Internet Explorer 11.x (Windows Vista only 9.x)
▪Firefox Latest version
▪Safari Latest version
▪Google Chrome Latest version
▪Microsoft Edge Latest version
▪iOS8 or later 、Android4.1 or later
▪Standard installed browser for each OS
▪Google Chrome
  • ※The recommended environment includes both OS and browser considerations.
  • ※Platforms other than those listed above, such as MacIE, Full Browser, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, etc., are not supported.

This website is administered by the Group. Please be aware that the contents carried on the website may be changed or cancelled without prior notice.
The Group makes no guarantees about the contents of, or information on, this website, nor can we assume any responsibility for visitor misundertanding of same. Moreover, we cannot guarantee the contents of any other websites linked to this website.

Secondary use without permission of any information (copying, forwarding, modification, uploading, posting, transmission, distribution, licensing, sale, publication, etc.) provided by the Group on this website is strictly forbidden.
Please follow the terms of our license agreement when downloading or using data, etc., from this website.

Regarding links to our Group website, we will refuse links from sites that are against the interests of public order and decency and/or links from for-profit sites.
In addition, if your browser uses frames, links in this page may not display correctly. To ensure that links function properly, please display them in a separate browser window.
For any individual, business, or other type of organization who would like to link to this website, please send your request to info@kawashima-group.co.jp

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